What We Represent

Our Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club isn’t just a social club. We are also a service organization that offers our time, talents and donations to local organizations, charities, at-risk schools and Pi Phi sisters in need. Giving back and helping others gives our lives joy, meaning and purpose.

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Our Philanthropic Projects

  • Conduct new and used book drives for at-risk schools and youth programs.
  • Donate 500 books to local children through Pi Beta Phi National Grant.
  • Read to at-risk local school children.
  • Participate in fundraisers such as Fun Run/5K for Little Light House.
  • Donate to and volunteer at Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.
  • Donate to sisters in need and various charities/organizations such as Building All Children and Women in Recovery.
Building All Children
Little Light House
Tulsa Day Center
Women in Recovery